Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Greek Issue

my friend christina, send me this the other day.

The Greek issue is a global one.

It is a political agenda to weaken the Euro, a exercising American and City of London financial warfare to defend the dollar and Sterling pound. By attacking Greece, the smallest weak link in the eurozone chain and through eventually Euro and thus infecting all the sovereign debt in the world -government debt, sovereign state, local, provincial, of all a national state. An attempt to create a new world monetary crisis. These are based on facts and proofs and not conspiracy theories. The economy is turning into global dictatorship. Either nations will defend themselves against these predatory hedge-funds and zombie banks or the wolf packs of banks and hedge funds will attempt to attack and destroy the debt of sovereign states and that will more or less bring the system of modern states to an end and civilisation with it. 

quoting William Engdahl, Webster Tarpley and Max Keiser . 

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