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"...of City and Time", Moving Image in Contemporary Greek Art


On Saturday, 13th December 2008, at 17.00’ hrs, at Hall B of Dom Kulture ‘Studentski grad’ (Akademski Filmski Centar) Stefanos Tsivopoulos in collaboration with the Alternative Video/Film Festival and as part of the program VIDEOGRAPHY OF THE REGION will present a compilation of video works and films from contemporary Greek artists under the title:

"...of City and Time"

Moving Image in Contemporary Greek Art

“...Of City and Time" is an attempt to register the way Greek artists exploit the medium of video and film in order to react on critical issues of the Greek society.

The presentation has two distinct conceptual parts. In the first part the films are focusing in the relation between Public Space-Architecture-History and on the other in the triptych Private Space-Memory-Time while the succession of films create overlapping readings based on these two general themes.

The compilation of works underlines the intentions and aspirations of a younger generation of Greek video artists and filmmakers, that use moving image as the center of their practice and artistic research.”

-Stefanos Tsivopoulos


Loukia Alavanou, Maria Antelman, George Drivas, George Loukakos

Pantelis Makkas, Theo Prodromidis, George Sapountzis, Eva Stefani

Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Maria Zervou

SCREENING PROGRAM (17.00-19.00 hrs)

Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Land, 09 min, 2006

Eva Stefani, Acropolis, 26 min, 2001

George Sapountzis, Yucca, 03 min, 2005

George Loukakos, Scrambling, 28 min, 2004

Maria Antelman+George Drivas, GPS, 1,5min, 2001


George Sapountzis, Gold, 6 min, 2006

Theo Prodromidis-Magnificent Capital, 32 min, 2007

Loukia Alavanou- Gheppeto's Clocks, 05 min, 2007

Maria Zervou, The Doll, 03 min, 2005

Pantelis Makkas, 26, 26 min, 2007

George Drivas, The Decision, 05 min, 2007



Long term project Videography of the region was established in Academic Film Center in 2006, with the idea to contribute in mapping and connecting current centers of production, initiatives, authors and festivals in the region which deal with video and new media. So far, in the frame of this program we presented artists among which are Nasko Kriznar (Ljubljana), Davide Grassi (Ljubljana), Aleksandar Muharemovic (Osijek); curators Evgenija Teodosijevska i Zlatko Teodosijevski (Skoplje), Ibro Hasanovic (NBA projekat, Srajevo); festivals Videomedeja (Novi Sad) and Smotra kratke video forme (Podgorica); centers Kino klub Split and Protok (Banja Luka). This year we have the honour to present for the first time in Belgrade a selection of Greek video art works and films, in collaboration with Stefanos Tsivopoulos, artist and curator of the screening.

This project is supported by the Ministry of culture of Serbia. Author of the project: Aleksandra Sekulic.

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documentation of exhibited work in Stay, Stay, Stay

Untitled (towards all her future constructions, 10.08, Sofia), 2008, acrylic spray on print, 85cmx60cm.

Untitled (from all his modern monumental structures, 09.08, Sofia), 2008, acrylic spray on found paper, dimensions variable.

Untitled (film prop, for the performance of a stage, Sofia Theatre),
2008, wood, cardboard, 550cmx350cm.

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two of the past


Stay, Stay, Stay
The exhibition and events programme Stay, Stay, Stay involves artists whose work features an element of exploration of places as well as it conveys the notion of "opening".Their installations, performances, videos and objects often allude to cultural, social and political facts and phenomena, which though not necessarily invisible or inaccessible, often remain hidden or unnoticed by society.

Central Bathhouse, 1 Banski Square, Sofia
11-25 October 2008
working times:
Monday to Friday: 12:00 – 18:00
Saturday and Sunday: 11:00 – 18:00

Corinne May Botz, Petko Dourmana, Alicja Karska and Aleksandra Went, Dagmar Keller/Martin Wittwer, Daniel Kunle, Min Kyoung Lee, Iassen Markov, Gergely Nagy, Olof Olsson, Theo Prodromidis, Henrietta Rose-Innes and Kaiwan Mehta, Venelin Shurelov, Helene Sommer, Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak, Kamen Stoyanov, Krassimir Terziev

curated by Margarita Dorovska and Antonia Lotz

Stay, Stay, Stay is an exhibition about places – places people pass by without paying attention to and places with which one stays – experiences, which linger in the mind. Some of them are facts from our daily route, passing-by landscapes, physical presence left unnoticed. Yet, they are part of constructed environments, with historical, social, cultural layers, subject to registration, reminiscence and exploration. Places changed by the time, changed in line with somebody's decision, squeezed between intentions, assigned purposes and reality. Becoming subject of artistic production, they come into sight, become visible and possible to observe, sharpen the senses for perceiving the traces of time and dynamics of social space. And so they stay, despite changes and physical erasure.

... somebody's train station in Berlin, no longer existent hotel in Gdansk, a lonely church in Rome, recently built to socially revive one neighborhood, a bingo hall in the subway of a central railway station, an oversized neon billboard from the mid 60s in Sofia, built to represent the traffic light substituting the traffic policeman, but also the party line from that time, architectural landscapes from Berlin and Vancouver, places, captured and archived through the camera of a restless traveller since 1950, a tropical amusement park, built in a facility meant as the biggest hangar in the world, situated in the former soviet military area near Berlin, property development sites, hesitating between present tense and projected future, a place, nominated to gather artist and audience and tested as a condition, sufficient for being entertained...

The exhibition is complemented by a programme, held in the first two days after the opening and the last day of the show. Taking place in a city developing rather speedy than planned, it quietly confronts the participants with different perspectives and standpoints to facts and phenomena from the physical environment and provokes sensitivity and intellectual engagement with their own surrounding. Featuring performances, talks, screenings, discussions and a literary reading, the programme is designed as an inseparable entity of the exhibition, which will be closed with the first public presentation of an epistolary project between a writer from Cape Town and an architect from Bombay. Leaving the domain of personal correspondence, this exchange of images and texts about the two cities, rich in affections, memories and concerns actually accompanies the whole programme by lending its title.

One of the places to come across during the show is its venue – the former central mineral bathhouse in Sofia, build in the very beginning of 20th century and closed in 1986. Situated in the very heart of the city, for more than thirty years now, hidden behind fences and subject to reconstruction, until recently it was a place without clearly assigned function. Having been used as an unofficial/unnoticed (in the sense of not spoken about) refuge for homeless people, a place for private parties, sporadic cultural events, setting for film productions, now one can see how the gorgeous old layers are being covered with white walls and sterilized to become a history museum of Sofia and a spa centre... For the last time one can visit the building and along with the works in the show, read through the stories of the place from the palimpsest walls of its halls and corridors.


9 October, 11:00
Central Bathouse

10 October 2008, 19:00
with performances by Min Kyoung Lee, Olof Olsson, Venelin Shurelov until 21:30 and DJ Dontwarrior will play his tunes as long as you can dance

October 11th
Reading by Gergely Nagy

Performance by Olof Olsson

markov assoziatti: Grundprinzipien der Architektur - talk by Iassen Markov

Neuland - screening and talk by Daniel Kunle

Screening of works by Krassimir Terziev, Theo Prodromidis, Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak

October 12th
Residency experience – discussion with artists and curators

October 25th
16.00 presentation of epistolary project by Kaiwan Mehta and Henrietta Rose-Innes


The exhibition in Sofia is organized in partnership and with funding by Allianz Kulturstiftung, with the kind support of the Royal Embassy of Norway. The space for the exhibition is provided by Sofia Municipaity and ME "Old Sofia".

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Conceptual edition 1 : Efi Piplikatsi Andreadou Collection

September 22 - December 15 2008

Edition 1
Works from the Collection of Efi Piplikatsi Andreadou

Achilleas Apergis
Helmut Newton
Joseph Beuys
Stathis Logothetis
Vlassis Kaniaris
Nikos Kessanlis
Robert Barry
Robert Wilson
Aris Prodromidis
Ir Kulik
George Lappas
Kostis Triantafyllou
Nikos Alexiou
George Gyparakis
Alexandros Psychoulis
Theo Prodromidis

in the premises of 'Idrobiologiki' company in Thessaloniki, Greece
tel: +30 239020 73 203

a blue and a dark studio