Sunday, 9 September 2012

documentation of Vanishing Point, Action Field Kodra, 2012

Installation views of
Je mehr es hervordringt, 2008-2012

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vanishing Point, Action Field Kodra, 2012

Action Field Kodra 2012
Friday 7th September to Tuesday 18th
Ex military camp Kodra
Kalamaria, Salonica, Greece
Exhibition Hours:
Sun - Thu: 20.00-23.00
Fri - Sat: 20.00-24.00
The annual Action Field Kodra Visual-Arts Festival has been running since 2001 and it focused from its very beginning on experimental creativity and young artists. Each year, it grows up in content and has an increasing regional and national profile for producing a novel and high-quality visual arts event. Over its history Action Field Kodra has presented the whole new generation of Greek artists, theorists and curators. Today, it consists one of the most important non-museum institutions in the country as it has contributed through its activity to the formation of the Greek contemporary art scenery and at the same time, it has developed into an amazing international art-experience featuring highly respected international artists.
This year Action Field Kodra, has a central theme, geared toward Salonica’s last century. All seven exhibitions and performances of Action Field Kodra 2012 are organized around a central concept, which is based on the idea that within these hundred years the city has developed a modernity in which contemporary visual arts can find a distinguished and lost ancestor. Action Field Kodra 2012 will attempt to investigate whether a dialogue – even a fictional one- between the urban, modern literature scene of Salonica and the contemporary artistic creation is not only possible, but able to light aspects of both art forms. A complete exhibition program is therefore organized, with the main focus on the different aspects of this matter. It includes seven exhibitions, two performances in public space, and an international conference.

Vanishing Point

Artists: Bassanos Kostas, Bofiliou Margarita, Efstathiou Eirene, Fasouli Maro, Gaitanidou Zoi, Gerodimos Vassilis, Greece is for Lovers, Hatziyannaki Zoe, Karastergiou Apostolos, Kassapis Andreas, Koulouras Panayiotis, Laios Alexandros, Loukas Panayiotis, Marinis Nikos, Moraki Elisavet, Moris Petros, Pantazopoulou Ioanna, Papadopoulos Panos, Petridis & Sakis Serefas, Prodromidis Theo, Sepetzoglou Nikos, Stamokopoulos Yorgos, Varveri Ersi, Versaweiss

 Today’s transitional circumstances, the emotions surfaced by them, the memories that come to mind, and the perspectives that are highlighted through the work of the modern artists of Greece. Starting point for all that is the multiple rearrangements that characterized the pass from the 19th to the 20th century, namely fin de siècle.

Curators: Katerina Nikou, Galini Notti, Evita Tsokanta