Sunday, 14 December 2008

"...of City and Time", Moving Image in Contemporary Greek Art


On Saturday, 13th December 2008, at 17.00’ hrs, at Hall B of Dom Kulture ‘Studentski grad’ (Akademski Filmski Centar) Stefanos Tsivopoulos in collaboration with the Alternative Video/Film Festival and as part of the program VIDEOGRAPHY OF THE REGION will present a compilation of video works and films from contemporary Greek artists under the title:

"...of City and Time"

Moving Image in Contemporary Greek Art

“...Of City and Time" is an attempt to register the way Greek artists exploit the medium of video and film in order to react on critical issues of the Greek society.

The presentation has two distinct conceptual parts. In the first part the films are focusing in the relation between Public Space-Architecture-History and on the other in the triptych Private Space-Memory-Time while the succession of films create overlapping readings based on these two general themes.

The compilation of works underlines the intentions and aspirations of a younger generation of Greek video artists and filmmakers, that use moving image as the center of their practice and artistic research.”

-Stefanos Tsivopoulos


Loukia Alavanou, Maria Antelman, George Drivas, George Loukakos

Pantelis Makkas, Theo Prodromidis, George Sapountzis, Eva Stefani

Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Maria Zervou

SCREENING PROGRAM (17.00-19.00 hrs)

Stefanos Tsivopoulos, Land, 09 min, 2006

Eva Stefani, Acropolis, 26 min, 2001

George Sapountzis, Yucca, 03 min, 2005

George Loukakos, Scrambling, 28 min, 2004

Maria Antelman+George Drivas, GPS, 1,5min, 2001


George Sapountzis, Gold, 6 min, 2006

Theo Prodromidis-Magnificent Capital, 32 min, 2007

Loukia Alavanou- Gheppeto's Clocks, 05 min, 2007

Maria Zervou, The Doll, 03 min, 2005

Pantelis Makkas, 26, 26 min, 2007

George Drivas, The Decision, 05 min, 2007



Long term project Videography of the region was established in Academic Film Center in 2006, with the idea to contribute in mapping and connecting current centers of production, initiatives, authors and festivals in the region which deal with video and new media. So far, in the frame of this program we presented artists among which are Nasko Kriznar (Ljubljana), Davide Grassi (Ljubljana), Aleksandar Muharemovic (Osijek); curators Evgenija Teodosijevska i Zlatko Teodosijevski (Skoplje), Ibro Hasanovic (NBA projekat, Srajevo); festivals Videomedeja (Novi Sad) and Smotra kratke video forme (Podgorica); centers Kino klub Split and Protok (Banja Luka). This year we have the honour to present for the first time in Belgrade a selection of Greek video art works and films, in collaboration with Stefanos Tsivopoulos, artist and curator of the screening.

This project is supported by the Ministry of culture of Serbia. Author of the project: Aleksandra Sekulic.